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In general, ECA clubs can be categorized into five types, namely, academic, sports, art, interest and social services. With respect to its developmental stage, each club may devise its own activity plan, recruitment method, frequency of meetings and activity content. Each club may also, according to its own needs, discuss with the ECA Co-ordinator how to institute the management of club membership

Some activities:

  • Archery: Students learn and practice various archery skills.
  • Art Club
  • Battle of Books: A reading opportunity for students to read a great selection of books--various topics, genres, and reading levels. A team of two to four students works together to read a list of 20 books by designated time. A quiz bowl competition is then held where each team works together to answer questions about the books.
  • BLAST: BLAST is a student centered leadership program.
  • Chess Club
  • Digital Photography Club
  • Drama/Musical
  • French Club/Foreign Language