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Service Standards:

  • The school will foster close links with parents through its commitment to open and regular communications.
  • The school will commit to the active sharing of its vision and goals to ensure school community engagement in the school’s strategic plan.
  • The school guarantees all students access to a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum including skills for learning and life(communication, thinking, research, social and self management).
  • The school provides a safe and stimulating learning environment to ensure all students can achieve their full potential.
  • All students will receive instructions that is adapted to their individual needs.

The above standards will be met by the following specific processes:

  • The school will respond to all communication by parents and caregivers within 2 working days.
  • Parents will be engaged regularly when their child does not behave in a socially acceptable manner.
  • Students will play an active part in the development and review of school wide positive behaviour policies.
  • All teachers will provide timely and targeted feedback to students on their work.