About us


SouthVale: The World School

We aim to provide a happy, healthy stimulating environment in which children play, learn and grow in the most natural ways. We believe that providing a warm, friendly atmosphere where children can feel safe and happy is the best environment to encourage and support physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

SouthVale believes that each child is a unique individual with feelings, emotions and opinions. SouthVale believes that children learn from a setting that is secure, interesting, nurturing help children build self –esteem.

At SouthVale, we believe that parental involvement is a crucial part of a child’s emotional and social growth. We encourage parents to be involved in recreational, educational and administrative aspects.

Facilities : why us?

  • Smart classroom with interactive Projector Technology.
  • 25,000 Sq.Ft of fully Fenced Playground.
  • Spacious WiFi campus & classrooms.
  • State of the art online Parent-Teacher -Student Portal.
  • Mobile equipped transport facility from all parts of town.
  • Well equipped playway activity room.
  • Foreign language education(class 1 onwards).
  • Regular talent development classes.
  • Lush green outdoor activity area.