SouthVale’s Junior School

Junior School

Our Aim

Exploring your little one’s potential and discovering his talents at the earliest possible time is the main aim of the Junior school at SouthVale that houses kids from Play-Way to KinderGarten.


  • Life Skills based education is promoted in a learning environment where the entire curriculum is aligned to the real world learnings. Children build the capacity to express and share their perspectives, listen to their peers, and respect individual differences. A mother teacher along with an assistant staff takes care of the student taking away all your worries.
  • Parent School Partnership Programme : Our Parent School partnership programme helps parents get an insight of the school and its working. It is on-going process and  increases active participation, communication and collaboration between parents and the school. Come join us for a beautiful program of group activities, free play, snack time, discussion, and outdoor play. Our warm and inviting play space includes beautiful, imaginative toys designed to inspire greater curiosity and freedom to explore. Meet other parents, share parenting success stories as well as challenges and discuss interesting and inspiring articles and parenting topics. Parents and children relish the experience!
  • Manners and Etiquettes : Early age social etiquette is taught to the students where they learn how to behave in a social environment. The students are then monitored daily and their actions corrected so as to align to the lessons of “Manners and Etiquette class”. The young students are Toilet trained by nannies and teachers. The aim at SouthVale is not just to teach subject based curriculum but to build students as socially conscious, responsive and with an ability to create a value for themselves. 
  • Teaching Methodology : The staff of junior school is trained to understand the mindset of young children and mould their teaching methodology after gathering a large repertoire of learning strategies for  the budding minds. The emphasis is on students achieving growth mindsets. The methodology is not just limited to classroom teaching rather school wide systems have been moulded where students learn by observation and interaction. Play-way based teaching, storytelling, craft based learning are adopted so as to keep students amused and entertained while learning. No homework and bagless systems ensure that the child develops without any burden.

Ages : Classes are offered for toddlers beyond 1 ½ years for play school, and pre nursery 2 ½ , Nursery 3 ½  years and K.G. for 4 year onwards.

Infrastructure: The furniture, toys and all teaching aids are non toxic and child friendly. The classrooms are colourful, inviting spaces and ensure safety thereby becoming an extension of home. Our outdoor play area is beautifully lined up with astro turf, trampoline, swings, ball pool, slides, splash pool, ample area for running, gardening etc. and much more. 

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