SouthVale’s Senior School

Senior School.

At SouthVale, teaching is carried out hands-on, with an experiential approach to learning which helps students to think, ask questions, and explore the subject matter from a variety of perspectives. The interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to create a holistic understanding of the world. We have a variety of processes and activities designed to add to the students’ learning. 

  • Life Skills Aligned Curriculum : SouthVale provides a thoughtful and challenging curriculum that integrates language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, art, music, etc. It builds on knowledge, life skills and curiosity in students. 
  • Daily Academic Tracker : It is a comprehensive system that begins with teacher establishing class goals, execution and analysis of results by them on a daily basis. This aims to keep the parent aware of daily activity in class.
  • Comprehensive Work Scope : We believe competence and confidence are related, and through planned lessons and experimentation. The teachers at SouthVale build the curriculum for each month in detail so that every parent knows in advance the lessons taught, the methodology adopted and reference links and activities.
  • Manners and etiquettes as a Subject : Manners and etiquette is a part of the SouthVale curriculum and we are the first in the vicinity to adopt it as a subject. Rules of etiquette cover behavior in talking, acting, living and moving. Valers at school learn the codes of behavior. Under the guidance of a trained teacher, children learn table manners. Communication in different situations helps Valers to learn the correct and assertive manner of speaking to elders as well as peer groups.
  • Organic Farming as a subject : Learning organic farming at SouthVale helps students to understand how things grow, live and die. It gives them perspective of their lives and the world around them. They learn to value food and how much labor goes in bringing the food to their tables. A farmer from the village gives the Valers practical knowledge and they have successfully grown different vegetables in different seasons as a result.



SouthVale has all the necessary infrastructure needed for the holistic development of a student. The Astro turf, skating rink, huge play area, assembly area, open air craft and art studio, indoor games studio and much more add to the endless facilities. Resource lab, intellect lab, library and IT lab are more than just a support system to the teachers. 

We leave no stone unturned to get the best facility for the students and are constantly upgrading ourselves.

Day-boarding School:

We are the first and only day boarding school in town which is completely bagless and home work free. The classes for day boarders function towards strengthening the curricular as well as extra curricular work scope.

Student Teacher ratio:

We proudly have the best student teacher ratio of 24:1. This helps each child get personal attention in class which ensures better learning levels.

Senior school is from Grade I onwards.

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